Driver Updater will scan, identify and recommend driver updates. Driver Updater can quickly and easily update drivers to boost performance and improve reliability to your PC


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  • WinZip

    Safeguard your hardware and gain maximum performance

    Regular scheduled driver updates ensures your system is receving the most up-to-date bug fixes, power improvements and new features from the original manufacturer.

  • WinZip

    Protect your system from faulty and unreliable after-market drivers

    Installation of erroneous drivers could seize up your PC and place your system at risk. WinZip Driver Updater will accurately identify and consistently deliver only the correct drivers for your system.

  • WinZip

    Saves you time

    It can take numerous hours to track down each driver for all the hardware connected to your PC. WinZip Driver Updater achieves this in minutes through a quick scan and update process.

  • WinZip

    Safe and Easy to Use

    Driver Updater includes safety features like automatic backups, restore wizard, exclusions and scheduler to keep your hardware performing worry-free.

  • WinZip

    Trusted and Recommended

    WinZip Driver Updater is recommended as a trusted solution by industry experts.

winzip Why update my drivers?

Every time your operating system and software applications are updated, new device drivers are needed to ensure your hardware retains full functionality. Also, many manufacturers do not contact you with information that a new driver has been released leaving you unaware of better functionality, added features or important security patches.

winzip Why use Driver Updater?

One of the most important features of Driver Updater is how it sources its driver updates. Driver Updater sources from the original equipment manufacturer only. Other driver update tools collect from various sources on the Internet and store them on local servers. This means you run the risk of the drivers being obsolete or even worse - contain malware or spyware. Driver Updater ensures you are getting maximum performance from your PC and its components with verified manufacturer device drivers.

Maximize performance and improve stability
of your PC with routine driver updates

Compatible with: Windows 10, 8, 7, & Vista.