WinZip® Mac Optimizer

Get faster performance with the easiest way to clean and speed up your Mac.

  • Clean your Mac instantly
  • Free up space on your hard drive
  • Delete sensitive and confidential data securely
  • Make your Mac more stable

System Requirements

Mac OS X:

  • Snow Leopard 10.6
  • Lion 10.7
  • Mountain Lion 10.8
  • Clean your Mac instantly
    WinZip Mac Optimizer runs powerful cleaning tools for you, clearing out files you don't need that are taking up valuable space on your hard drive.
    • Finds and safely removes system and user cache files
    • Finds and safely cleans system and user log files
    • Scans applications and removes parts designed for other platforms
    • Removes unneeded languages from localized applications—you set the languages you want to keep in preferences
  • Optimize performance
    Streamline your system and maximize performance with fast-acting optimization tools.
    • Identifies duplicate files so you can remove them if you wish and free up more disk space
    • Removes unwanted applications, widgets and associated files safely and completely
    • Helps you manage which applications launch automatically when you start your system
  • Clean your Mac manually
    Web surfing and Internet downloads can leave unwanted files on your system. WinZip Mac Optimizer lets you see and safely remove the files that can slow down your Mac.
    • Protect your privacy by clearing out your Internet browsing history and any cookies for Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome
    • Take back disc space by finding and safely removing iTunes device backups, mail downloads and other old downloads
    • Scan your system to see which files are taking up the most space, then quickly remove the ones you don't need
  • Securely remove files
    Effectively remove private information that you no longer want on your Mac.
    • Permanently delete or "shred" your private data, so your files are unrecoverable